Some Specialist Skills for Commercial Real Estate by Jaynie Mae Baker

Commercial real estate is a very special property market activity. The people who are most successful in the industry are those who tend to specialize in a property type (office, retail, or industrial) and a property service (sales, leasing, or property management).

Some Specialist Skills for Commercial Real Estate by Jaynie Mae Baker (1)

Is Commercial Real Estate is Less Competitive

When thinking about from a marketing perspective most investors target residential property owners, thus making the residential market more competitive. If you take the same marketing strategies discussed and apply them to commercial real estate, you will probably find you are the ONLY person contacting these commercial property owners in regards to selling their property.

The Right Person

No one person in the marketplace should know more about the local sales and leasing deal activity than the commercial real estate agent. This includes the supplementary professions of solicitors, accountants, valuers, financial consultants, tenant advocates, and bankers. You want these people to see and respect you as the person that they need when the local property challenge arises.

Specialist Information

This knowledge takes specialist observation and collation of information. Current rentals and sale prices, together with building costs and development costs are all part of the equation. The deal or property that you see advertised in the local paper or the Internet is not necessarily a final deal.

Some Specialist Skills for Commercial Real Estate by Jaynie Mae Baker

Essential Processes

  • Keep a clear plan to each and every day with the focus on the essential business building activities
  • Remember that you work for yourself and your activities generate your commission
  • Maintaining a solid channel of communication to all your prospects and clients
  • Energies your focus on your key tasks on a daily basis
  • Understand that you are the person to build the deal for the transaction

Key Players and People

  • Property owners
  • Major tenants
  • Major business proprietors
  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Property surveyors

Here is the one who will help you in this commercial real estate that is Jaynie Mae Baker. She is financing expert & real estate investor who provide the services of property investing services. You can find great achievement in commercial property investment if you just discover the tricks of the deal and take it at a slow and stable pace!

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