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Jaynie Mae Baker – Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in real estate has proven to be a successful way to build up net worth for a bright financial future. While residential properties have historically been more popular with investors, there are some good reasons to consider venturing into commercial real estate instead.

Investment in a Commercial Real Estate can be both personal and financially beneficial. For many people, the purpose of investing in commercial real estate is for future property and security; Others use it to increase tax gains and investment diversity. As an integral part of the portfolio of investors, the commercial real estate offers an abundance of benefits to investors. The first step in starting a commercial real estate investment understands what benefits they are involved in, and how they can potentially benefit you.

Here Jaynie Mae Baker has guided the essential benefits of commercial real estate investing such as:

Higher Income:  The Hallmark benefit of investment in commercial real estate is high potential income. Generally, in commercial properties, there is usually a better return on investment, which is average by six to 12 percent, while the single-family home property is between one and four percent. Second, the commercial real estate offers less vacancy risk because the property is spread across many units. In addition, lease contracts are usually found in that residential real estate.

Most investors entering the market go towards the residential real estate. Many people believe that this is the easiest way to go. In return, there is less competition for available commercial properties. Although a commercial investment requires further capital, the less competitive market often means that there are very good deals.

Less Competition: Another advantage of a commercial real estate is low competition. Investment in office buildings and shopping centers is a great effort for many investors because it is not more than their comfort zone. For experienced investors, commercial real estate represents the viable opportunities to increase their financial assets.

Longer Leases: Perhaps the biggest expense of commercial real estate is the attractive leasing contract. Commercial buildings generally have longer lease agreements with tenants compared to residential properties, which provide an effective return to investors and a considerable monthly cash flow. In many cases, the lease agreement for commercial properties has been signed for several years.

Asset Appreciation: Real estate investments usually increase in long-term value. This appreciation may be due to the increase in rent or the price of a property more than the market’s past. Investors have the opportunity to promote their overall investment returns after asset sale or cash on capital gains after the sale of the property. Value of property increases and falls during the market cycle, which makes the exit strategy an important aspect of maximizing the investor value. The American Landmark Properties Investment Strategy is generally based on the probability of a stable cash flow, with a period of five to seven years or more.

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